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The Great Fandom List

Fandoms I'm into and the characters & Pairings I love. Updated 10/07/12
The following are all the shows I watched or am currently watching.
*= currently on air

24 (Jack Bauer, Chloe, Tony Almeida/Michelle Dessler)
3rd Rock from the Sun (Harry Solomon)
Are you Afraid of the Dark?
Big Brother (Gen. Discussion)
Bored to Death (Ray, George)
*Covert Affairs (Annie, Auggie, Annie/Auggie)
Crossing Jordan (Jordan)
Dawson's Creek (Pacey, Pacey/Joey)
Dinosaurs (The Baby)
Dollhouse (Topher, Victor, Alpha, Victor!Anthony/Sierra!Priya)
Doug (Doug, Quailman, Doug/Patti)
Flash Forward
Friends (Chandler, the whole cast, Chandler/Monica)
Harper's Island
Hey Arnold (Arnold, Helga, Arnold/Gerald Friendship, Arnold/Helga)
Kenan & Kel (Kel)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Goren, Goren/Eames)
*Lost Girl (Kenzi, Bo, Bo/Dyson)
Lost Room [miniseries]
Men in Black tv series (Agent J)
Noah's Arc (Trey, Noah/Chance/Ricky/Alex!Friendship, Alex/Trey)
OZ (Ryan O'Reily, Miguel Alvarez, Tobias Beecher, Chris Keller, Keller/Beecher, Ryan/Alvarez, Ryan/ Dr. Gloria Nathan) *Person of Interest (Reese, Det. Carter, Det. Fusco, Finch, Reese/Finch)
*Psych (Shawn Spencer, Gus, Shawn/Gus!Friendship)
Queer as Folk (Michael, Brian, Justin, Brian/Justin)
Rescue Me
*Revenge (Emily Thorne, Nolan Ross, Real!Amanda/Jack)
Rocko's Modern Life (Rocko, Mr. Bighead, Filburt)
Roswell (Max Evans, Michael Guerin, Liz Parker, Alex Whitman, Liz/Alex/Maria!Friendship, Max/Liz, Michael/Maria) Rugrats (Chucky)
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (John Connor, Derek Reese)
*The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Penny, Raj, Leonard/Penny, Sheldon/Amy)
The Black Donnelllys (Donnelly Brothers, Joey "Ice Cream", Tommy/Jenny)
*The Game (Derwin/Melanie)
*The Good Wife (Alicia Florrick/Will Gardner, Kalinda Sharma/Alicia Florrick!Friendship)
The Tudors (Henry VIII/Charles Brandon!friendship, Henry VIII)
Tru Calling
WonderfallsThe following are movies I love:

Aladdin (Genie)
Brokeback Mountain (Ennis/Jack)
Despicable Me (Gru)
Freddy Vs. Jason (Freddy Kruger)
Harry Potter (Ron/Harry/Hermione!friendship, Ron/Hermione)
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Ice Age [1, 2, 3, 4] (Scrat, Sid)
Madagascar [1, 2, 3] (King Julian, Melman)
Men in Black [1, 2, 3] (Agent J, Agent K)
Monster's Inc (Sulley)
Nightmare on Elmstreet (Freddy Kruger)
Once Upon a Forest Pagemaster (Horror)
The Lion King (Scar)
The Prestige Toy Story [1, 2, 3] (Rex)
X Men
X2: Xmen United (Erik Charles)
Xmen: The Last Stand
Xmen: First Class (Erik/Charles)Other/Celebrities:

Vincent D'Onofrio
Gerard Butler
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Ryan Phillippe
Christopher Gorham
Channing Tatum
Sam Worthington
Kirk Acevedo
Dean Winters

Conan O'Brien

Michael Jordan
Philadelphia PhilliesMusic:
The Killers
3 Doors Down
Papa Roach
Of Monsters and Men
Maroon 5
Bruno Mars
Foo Fighters
Gym Class Heroes
Michael Jackson